Sunday 9 February 2014

Lamb leftovers and potato pie


Ruth brought back a 'doggy bag' of lamb from the Magdelen Arms: enough to feed a family of four!

620g lamb left overs

4 large carrots

3 medium onions

A bunch of spring onions

Frozen thyme, frozen rosemary

The lamb (mutton?) is quite fatty and fairly strong in flavour.

Slice the carrots thinly, add to large wok. Shred meat. Fry carrots in lamb fat. Then add chopped onion and lastly chopped spring onion. Soak up excess lamb fat using kitchen paper.

Add pepper, paprika, chilli and ginger.

Add a third of fried mixture to a Pyrex casserole dish. Slice two potatoes thinly, fry briefly in olive oil and place on top of mixture. Add some flour to remainder and fry, then add some water. Add to Pyrex dish. Slice and fry three more potatoes and place all in oven at 180°