Sunday, 10 July 2011

Scallops with crayfish spagetti

My starting point was Baked scallops with herb butter by Gordon Ramsay.

Seven small crayfish.
Three carrots cut fine into sticks.
Two sticks of celery, also cut into fine sticks.
Two large spring onions (from garden).
A bowl of raw, shelled garden peas.
A raw beetroot, grated.
Tricoloure Spagetti.
A cup full of lemon and honey: made previously this was half a lemon and a table spoon of honey to make a litre of remedy.

Boil crayfish for seven minutes in salted water.
Drain and throw away water.
Remove tails and claws, wash tails in a pan with a small amount of salted water, crayfish are now done.

Separate legs from shell, place all into salted water
Boil crayfish heads with some sage, dill, thyme to form a fish sauce.

Put carrots in a frying pan with a little olive oil, boil most of the lemon and honey away, until honey starts to caramelise.
Add celery and finish the lemon and honey, again until caramelisation.
Add onion and fry.

Oil the shells of the scallops with olive oil.
In a separate bowl of salted water clean the scallops.
Poor scallop water into crayfish water, leaving any sand in the bowl.

Taste fish sauce, intended for the spagetti, and throw away!

Take 25 grams of butter (a good knob) and add sage, thyme flowers and dill flowers.
Roll into a sausage and put in freezer.

Put spagetti to boil.

Arrange scallop shells in a baking dish. Put the celery, carrot and onion into each shell, place scallop on the bed and top with a slice of the herb butter sausage.

Fill shell with white wine.
Place whole in oven for ten minutes.

Drain spagetti and add a knob of beter.

Grate beetroot.

Serve with raw peas.

Crayfish to finish.

Followed by apricot tart with cream.