Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn diced pork

Taking inspiration from apricot and ginger diced pork I am thinking of apricots, butter beans and butternut squash in apple juice.
Soak quite a lot of butter beans, say one mug full, overnight.
This results in 485g of soaked bean, boil hard for ten minutes, strain.
Fry pork (1240g), then three and a half onions.
Prepare butternut squash by skinning, dicing to one inch cubes and roasting in hazelnut oil.
Put all into casserole with a packet of dried apricots (250g) and the butter beans.

Cover in freshly squeezed apple juice (Blenheim Orange is quite sweet). We pressed about five gallons.

Place in oven for two hours at 150°, serve with rice and cabbage. Fed nine. Was very sweet, but pork was still distinct.