Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Goose

Goose for four, would have served six.

3.8kg goose free range Goodmans Goose from Feller's, ordered and picked up on Christmas eve.

Stuffing for Devils

6 cinnamon and apple sausages from the apple day at Waterperry.

12 smoked streaky rashers from Feller's.

One vacuum pack of cooked French chestnuts.

4 tablespoons of re-cooked brown rice.

One pack of white shitake mushrooms.

Flat leaved parsley, sage, thyme.

Salt and pepper.

Prepare gravy stock

Boil giblets with thyme, two carrots and a leek.

Make Cranberry Sauce

Shave zest from an orange, add to cranberries, orange juice, clove and cinnamon stick, red currant jelly, sugar. Boil to reduce.

Prepare Goose

Stuff the goose lightly with rind of a lemon and of an orange. Also sage, thyme, bay and rosemary. The goose is not full. Stab all over, lightly oil, stab especially under wings and near tail.

Cook Goose

Place goose in a hot oven, on a wire frame over a pan.

After an hour pour off loads of the fat, into a bowl.

The goose comes with a load of fat in a sealed bag. Remove packaging and place in a pan in oven and cook so as to render fat.

Boil potatoes, drain and leave to steam dry.

There will now be lots of fat in the potato pan. Add bay and potatoes, drain surplus fat. Cook for half an our.

Put parsnips on to boil.

Peel carrots.

Prepare brussel sprouts.

Prepare Stuffed Devils

Roll stuffing into balls, wrap in smoked bacon, place in baking dish. Roll remainder into balls, put in baking dish with six Merguez sausages. Place both dishes in bottom of oven.

Drain parsnips and allow to steam dry, add to potatoes with two onions, quite a lot of thyme, a little salt and pepper (and lemon grass but you would never know).

Remove goose, place on carving board and cover with foil and a tea towel.

Remove stuffed devils, turn oven up to 200°.

Pour off fat from goose tray, add flour and stock to make gravy.

Cook brussel sprouts and carrots.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Shellfish Pie

Three large potatoes
Five small parsnips
230g Tesco Seafood Selection
175g Tesco Cooked and Peeled King Prawns
2 small onions
1 small red onion
3 shallots
3 teaspoons of horseradish
1 teaspoon of mustard
1 tablespoon of walnut oil
2 tablespoons rolled oats
200ml (large splash) of Fairleigh Estate white wine
Coarse ground pepper
4 scallops on the shell
Large bunch of flat leaved parsley
150ml single cream

Gently fry onions, add walnut oil, oatmeal, mustard, horseradish.

Add shellfish.

Add white wine.

Add cream.

Add parsley.

Roughly mash potatoes and parsnips with a little of the cream. Try to keep parsnips as intact as possible next time, in inch cubes.

Transfer shellfish to pyrex. Add mash on top. Grate a little cheese, cook in hot oven for 15 minutes.

Serve with frozen peas.