Sunday, 22 January 2012

Roast Chicken, with smoked pork and mushrooms

The intention is a chasseur flavour, heavy on mushrooms with a smoked pork note. It was cooked for a long while, leaving out my typical lemon!


Large free range chicken from from Willowbrook Farm at East Oxford Market.
Chestnut mushrooms.
Smoked belly pork lardons.
Two onions.
Heart of celery, chopped.
Two carrots
Thyme, sage, bay, three chopped cloves of garlic and a slice of ginger.

Very successful, served with cabbage and roast potatoes, parsnips, carrot and butternut squash. Note the hand cubed lardons and the heart shaped roast potatoes.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Two day pot roast lamb



Day 1

A leg of lamb (1.040kg) from Willowbrook Farm at East Oxford Market.
Two large onions.
Two cloves of garlic.

Day 2

Bag of co-op chantenay carrots
Bag of co-op prepared leaks
One lemon.


Day 1

Add olive oil to casserole, seal joint over a high gas.

Stuff thyme and garlic into space inside leg.

Add two coarsely chopped onions, place in a high oven for half an hour.

Day 2

Peel carrots

Add four more onions

Add leaks

Place lamb on the bed of vegetables.

Put in oven at 100° for two hours.

Add redcurrant jelly and red wine.

Serve with potato and parsnip mash and cabbage.