Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pot Roast Duck Legs in Marmalade Sauce

The intention is to re-do the first post on this blog. was a success, I spotted the duck legs in Sainsbury's last weekend, so they may be a little more gamey than usual.

Reading the previous recipe it suggests we avoid parsnip mash and sweat potato, as the marmalade sause itself is sweet. Also no greens. So lets try baby turnips, white cabbage and potatoes.

Also increase the number of shallots from 8 to 12.


4 Duck legs
1 Orange
rind of one squeezed lemon
12 Shallots
4 Tablespoon marmalade
50cl grapefruit juice
2 Cloves garlic
Serve with baby turnips, savoy cabbage and potatoes.

Roast Duck legs and shallots in a pan with lid off at 200 for 40 minutes, having rubbed in olive oil and salt and pepper

Remove from heat and allow to cool, remove duck and whole shallots from juices.

Add marmalade, grapefruit juice and crushed garlic.
Cut orange into 8, add to pot and bring to boil.
Replace duck.
Cook for further 40 minutes

What actually happened

The shallots browned and the duck cooked for too long, at 150 °, probably three hours.

I added far too much grapefruit juice, orange juice would have worked I think. Do not think that the lemon helped.

Flora enjoyed, but I think it was over cooked and also should have had at least some of the duck fat drained, though the citrus cut the greasiness it probably would have been an improvement.

Shows that repeats are more difficult than you think!

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