Sunday, 19 March 2017

Gammon and Leak Pie

I won a kilogram of diced gammon in the meat raffle.

700 grams diced gammon.

Six small leaks

2 large onions

2 tablespoons horseradish sauce

2 teaspoons of made medium strong mustard

2 tablespoons of whole grained mustard

Four medium potatoes.

Puff pastry top.

Fry the gammon in small pieces.

Cut the leaks and onions, fry the onions gently then add the leaks.

Cube the potatoes and microwave for 8 minutes, with a little olive oil.

Add the gammon and potatoes to the onions and leaks.

Add a cup on water, the mustards and horseradish and three teaspoons of plain flour.

Bring to the boil, mixing flour and mustards.

Leave to rest for an hour.

Place in a pie dish and cover top in puff pastry.

Cook in a hot oven (160°) for an hour.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Chilli Shin Beef with Olives

Shin Beef has a good flavour. It comes from the foreleg and so has quite a bit of gristle.

I used a meat mallet to flatten and tenderise.

Then cut into 1cm cubes.

Fry the meat with a chilli.

Add the meat to a seasoned flour, with an egg. Fry to brown.

Added onion, carrots, celery, mixed olives and flageolet beans.