Sunday, 30 October 2011


We were given thirteen dozen pears! The Conference were nearly all eaten or went off. The Comise were harder and lasted longer. I peeled and cored 28 Comise. Keeping the skin and cores I added two bad conference and two old apples. Pulped with an ash pole in a bucket. Then blended. A strong smell of cyanide made me sieve the mush. This gave a base of three litres of mash. I added four litres of sugar water/cider lees that had been fermenting for a day, then topped up with another couple of litres of sugar water. The pumpkins from John and Sarah were another episode!

Update 1

A small piece of rubber blocked the bubbler, resulting in pear mash on the ceiling!

Update 2

The racked perry is refreshing if rather watery, a small beer effect which would certainly be preferable to drinking bad water.

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