Sunday, 15 January 2012

Two day pot roast lamb



Day 1

A leg of lamb (1.040kg) from Willowbrook Farm at East Oxford Market.
Two large onions.
Two cloves of garlic.

Day 2

Bag of co-op chantenay carrots
Bag of co-op prepared leaks
One lemon.


Day 1

Add olive oil to casserole, seal joint over a high gas.

Stuff thyme and garlic into space inside leg.

Add two coarsely chopped onions, place in a high oven for half an hour.

Day 2

Peel carrots

Add four more onions

Add leaks

Place lamb on the bed of vegetables.

Put in oven at 100° for two hours.

Add redcurrant jelly and red wine.

Serve with potato and parsnip mash and cabbage.

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